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My name Renee Peel.  I am a mother and personal trainer/coach in Hoboken NJ,  where I have lived for about 12 years with my husband, Chris.  I am the Strength and Conditioning Manager and instructor at Work It Out studio in Hoboken, NJ and a Fhitpro coach at The Fhitting Room in NYC.

My training philosophy is quite simple:  train your body for a playful life!  My approach is to start with building a strong foundation of movement and then build and build on the foundation!

Work and the kids keep me on my feet all day like most moms, and balancing it all is definitely a challenge.  How do I cope?  Keep getting STRONGER! I hope I can help others to do the same:)
FMS 1 and 2
Anette Lang- Pre/Post Natal
STRONGFIRST 1, 2 Kettlebell Instructor
Flexible Steel Instructor
Contact Me via E-Mail:  reneelayla18@gmail.com or DM through IG:  peelfit


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