Client Testimonials


Loved, loved, loved class today! The different blocks of the class are always so clean and defined. The band segment, the core blast, the strength and the killer kb complex at the end, all so so good! I always leave this class feeling so strong and ready to tackle the day. I often finish other classes feeling worked and weak, but somehow Tuesday’s make me “Peel” like a badass!

Renees classes are far better than any other. Renee is always lively and energetic. You can tell she puts hours of thought into her program. The short videos clips of movements that she sends the night before class help you learn the proper form which really helps you nail the movement in class. Classes are one hour with personalized instruction to ensure you are not only doing the movements correct, but also never allows for injury. You really learn a little something new at each class to perfect your form. Classes are always challenging but never overwhelming or undoable.

Great class! Challenging but manageable moves. Also Renee’s energy was positive, motivating, and supportive.

Another great small group class! Renee’s programming is always thoughtful and creative. The small number of people in class really allows Renee to focus on everyone’s form. I always leave each session learning something new and feeling stronger.


“When I became pregnant I was worried about the kind of workouts I was doing and what would be safe for me and the baby.  I also was thinking, ‘How am I going to get the baby weight off after’

Renee not only educated me on smart ways to train during pregnancy, but she always assured me that while your body does change having a baby, you can get it back.

The physicality of being a mom is demanding.  I needed to be able to carry my 2 sons up a flight of stairs and sometimes having a stroller and diaper bag in hand while doing it.  Renee introduced me to strength training that really helped in that area.

After the baby I could only afford to work out 4 times per week, compared to 6 days.  But that did’t matter, because Renee’s training was so efficient that I’m in better shape than I was before— even working out 2 days less a week. That for me is priceless”     

Nicole S.

Soon after I began training with Renee, I realized how very much she cares about her work and the well-being of her clients.  With each exercise, she pays close attention to her clients’ form to assure they get the most out of every movement and avoid injury.  And her work does’t end at the gym–after hours, Renee spends much time planning workouts that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Her training sessions are both challenging and fun.

Andy A.

“I worked out with Renee at Crunch for two and a half years before I moved away.  I was really bummed that I would lose everything we had worked so hard for.  After I got settled in, Renee had a great idea that she could train me remotely, which has been amazing.  We’ve now been doing this for a year and a half.

She creates personal programs to reach my goals.  Renee keeps me in check with my diet and making sure I get all my workouts in.  We text/talk/FaceTime back and forth and she sends videos to explain new exercises.

Although I miss seeing her face I’m so glad I still have Renee as my trainer!  She is the best!!!”

Johanna W.

“Renee truly takes the time to get to know each of her clients and what their goals are.  She teaches you the proper form to use for each exercise and pushes you to achieve at your highest level.  Renee is engaging as well as motivating.  She makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.  Training with her was life changing !”

Genine P.

“I started training with Renee in 2014.  I began our training journey with a lot of joint issues, however that didn’t deter Renee.  She focused on using her vast knowledge about current and effective exercises to strengthen areas around the joints using a variety of equipment giving me a better insight into how the body works and what can help me maintain a healthy pain free life.  She also provided tips on nutrition which offered a holistic training experience.  Renee is focused and extremely professional but above all she loves her work which shines through in how she works with her clients.  I will be forever grateful that I met Renee, without her knowledge and encouragement I don’t know where I’d be now.  She has made a huge difference in my life!“

Grainne O.

“Renee helped me rebuild muscle after chronic illness and surgery left me underweight and weak.  With her help, I became stronger than when I was in my 20s (I’m 50 now).   With her guidance, I was able to deadlift more than my bodyweight and do a body weight pull up.”

Lisa W.

I started training with Renee 4 years ago.  I was honestly not looking forward to getting back in the gym after a long hiatus.  But I knew if I had a scheduled appointment that I would commit. Renee was very understanding and really encouraged me to stay committed.  It was hard work, but consistency paid off and Renee was with  me every step of the way.  Cheering me on, pushing me to work harder and really building my strength (I’m a female over 40) so that was big for me.  I started to really feel strong, something I had not felt since turning 40.  Renee really knows what she is doing and was on top of watching me, making sure I had proper form and was doing the exercises properly and safely.  She never let me slip, even on days I really wasn’t feeling it.  Which was hard but every time I walked out of the gym I felt great and couldn’t believe some of the things I was doing.  All with Renee’s positive encouragement.  I highly recommend her and couldn’t be happier with our time together and where she got me physically!”

Gena S